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On the onset of high-rise buildings made of glass and amazing interiors, it calls for flawless efforts of housekeeping, Office Pantry Boys and hospitality. Not only in the sky touching buildings but also the cozy homes having comfortable rags and shining Italian marbles need cleaning. At some point, it becomes difficult to manage both cleaning and working together. In the case of multinational companies, the staff has to approach for the help of the employees rather than spending time helping in cleaning. So, there are many startups or the well-settled hospitality companies who have now started offering services that have a staff of talented and skillful workers who dedicatedly work in cleaning your workplace or your home. There are different services such as carpet shampoo, marble polishing, white wash, car rubbing polish and house deep cleaning. One such company are WIN FACILITIES. Let us know more ABOUT WIN FACILITIES..

Services Offered

Many houses have now started following a trend of spreading a rug or a carpet across the drawing. This is done so that their pet can roll on it feeling warm or the carpet can simply be a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the drawing. Well, after sometime, bugs might infest the carpet. There could be a lot of dirt that would accumulate under the carpet. In this case, using a vacuum cleaner does not work. You will need a professional care at least once in a month. For this, WIN FACILITIES is a New Delhi, NCR, NOIDA, GURGOAN based leading Corporate Housekeeping, Office Pantry Boys and Cleaning Services provider. We offer Floor cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Marble Polishing, Sofa Cleaning services in Delhi NCR.

Also, the new homes and offices are now using Italian marbles. These are not only super costly but also are very delicate. It is important to take care to keep the look as it is. You can opt for marble polishing. One of the significant characteristics about WIN FACILITIES is that the workers deliver the flawless project. They work with full dedication and zeal.


We aim according to the Indians, before the festivals, it is believed that cleaning the house will bring good omen. Now, you do not need to worry about it. WIN FACILITIES offer house deep cleaning anytime you want. Your search for maids and workers is now over.


If you are painting your house, you can call them and ask them to white wash the house for you. You can also hire WIN FACILITIES for carpet cleaning or rubbing polish for your carpet to make it look new as before. WIN FACILITIES have solutions for almost everything that you ask for. You can reach them on their website and hire them without a second thought.